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The BAC (Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre) was formed in the year 1986. Over 28 years, BAC has the unique distinction of being the only Swimming Center in the Country to have garnered the maximum awards across State, Zonal, National and International competitions. It is recognized worldwide as one of the best training centers for aquatic sports and by Government of India as a center of excellence in swimming sport.

The haul till date is an overwhelming medal tally of 16924 medals comprising of 7969 Gold, 5470 Silver and 3485 Bronze medals. Carefully examine that the majority of Gold medals for Swimming in the country is to the credit of BAC. This apart, BAC has to its credit 394 individual championship records.

Amongst the international star swimmers that BAC has produced are Ms.Nisha Millet, Sydney Olympics- 2000, Mr.Rehan Poncha, Bejing Olympics – 2008, Mr.A P Gagan, London Olympics – 2012.

BAC has produced National champions in Mr.J Abhijit, Ms.Nisha Millet, Mr.Rohan Poncha, Mr.Prashanth Karmakar and Ms. Sajani Shetty. Rahul Batra, National Champion who is a Rhodes Scholar.

BAC also has the unique distinction of having Mr.S.Pradeep Kumar (NIS) who is also the Indian National Coach to head the team of coaches. Along with Mr.Pradeep (ASCA level 5), BAC has 17 coaches all of whom are certified trainers from ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association)

Apart from catering to local needs BAC caters to training swimmers from across the country, who train at the elite pool for representing, state, national and international events.

BAC is pursuing every means for achieving betterment of the Centre and the swimmers right from the day of its inception.After having established dominance for more than 25 years, the Centre feels the need to:

  1. Develop the infrastructure for a Centre of Excellence to develop swimming as a sport in India.
  2. Create a world class FINA standard 10lane pool for competitive swimming.
  3. Build a hydrotherapy pool.
  4. RDevelop other infrastructure to support the Center of Excellence in the spirit of Private PublicParticipation.

The Government of India has approved 100% Income Tax exemption under 35 AC for all donors.

The Centre is keen on continuing its promotion towards swimming. We, at BAC, encourage and gratefully accept donations. The benefits that you get as a corporatesponsor:​

    For those who know to swim: Guaranteed “Best Hour” pool time for a batch or batches of employees and their immediate family members.
    For beginners: Learn-to-swim will be made available for a batch or batches of employees and their immediate family members.
    • Supervised usage of gym.
    • Nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy and counselling support.

We request organizations to support this cause in the process of building a healthy Indian Community where BAC will be better equipped to promote swimming as a hobby as well as promote healthy life styles.

The new pool will provide public access at highly subsidized price to all sections of society and therefore bring public health through swimming.

BAC will also, where allowed and possible, highlight the sponsor brand alongside events and at competitions where BAC will participate.

Please feel free to contact us at bacblr@gmail.com or bacblr.sjc@gmail.com for details on donations and other corporate benefits.

Do you have any question? Feel free to contact.

Become water safe as quickly as possible and learn to swim using proper stroke mechanics from the beginning.

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